Jammer Mobile Phone Signal Isolator

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Deskripsi Jammer Mobile Phone Signal Isolator

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1) Isolate four frequency bands of GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G.

2) Adopting aluminum alloy wiredrawing casing adopting the most international advanced reoxidation surface treatment, many colors selectable.

3) Total TX power is 1.5W.

4) Coverage: 2-10 metres

5) Conveniently mobile and concealed, small in volume and light in weight.

6) Operation can last 3-4 hours and easy to charge.

7) Low power consumption, free of harm to human body.

* Occasion Applicable

1) Special small occasions needing to be secured and confidential.

2) Office of private enterprise owners, confidential offices, negotiation rooms.

3) Floating vehicles, political and commercial VIP security site.

4) Party and governmental organs, various small and temporary meeting rooms of enterprises.

5) Special needs in personal life or business.

* Performance Specifications

1) Output power:0.8W

2) Weight: 150g

3) Dimension (length x width x height): 135*45*18mm

4) Charging power supply: AC110~250V

5) Built-in Li-ion Battery: 3.6V/1250mA

6) Application Area:

- It can be applied at meeting rooms, conference rooms, trains, bus and more

- For some locations of special purpose such as hospitals, gas stations and more, Please do field test first to make sure no interference happened to the normal operation of their equipment and instrument
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